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Original title: Kashuai objectively summarizes the continued ample preparations, the rugby + handball warm-up is more beneficial, Hengda prepares for the team and the atmosphere is good


Kashuai objectively summarized the continued ample preparations, and the rugby + handball warm-up is beneficial. Evergrande can easily prepare for the team and the atmosphere in the team is good


In a very special year of the epidemic, the open day of the Evergrande training base is also different from the past: in addition to the Panyu new base Vientiane update, to ensure the complete safety of the team, personnel entering and leaving the base must undergo strict inspection and registration. Before the second stage of the Chinese Super League game this season is about to start, there is another media open day here. Before leading his disciples on the expedition, the head coach Cannavaro once again expressed his heart and introduced the team’s preparations to the fans. The latest situation.


I believe that through major media reports, everyone already knows what Lao Ka said specifically. Obviously, although the word "satisfaction" is still used to summarize the first stage of the game, and the concise style is still there, this time the team has exposed the problems and difficulties encountered by the team, including the most satisfactory places. The series is very specific to analyze: including highlighting the poor performance against Dalian in the first half; including the heavy blow to the team caused by the continuous injury of the center of the player; and the 5 young teenagers who are most satisfied with them. (Wu Shaocong, Tan Kaiyuan, Wang Shilong, Permanjiang, Bugla Khan) have all played and performed well...

我相信通过主要媒体的报道,每个人都已经知道老家具体说了些什么。显然,尽管“满意”一词仍被用来概括游戏的第一阶段,并且简洁的风格仍然存在,但这一次团队暴露了团队所遇到的问题和困难,包括最令人满意的地方。该系列文章非常具体地进行分析:包括强调上半年对阵大连的糟糕表现;包括因球员中心不断受伤而给球队造成的沉重打击;以及对他们最满意的5个青少年。 (吴少聪,谭开元,王世龙,Permanjiang,Bugla Khan)都发挥出色,表现出色……

In addition, Kashuai also talked a lot-talked about the time conflict between the AFC Champions League and the Football Association Cup, talked about Taliska, talked about Wei Shihao, talked about the difference between Suzhou and Dalian, and talked about the long-term What did he do the fi亚搏游戏网页版rst thing after returning home from time away... He always answers questions and shows full confidence in his words. Of course, this is the halo of Lao Ka as the world footballer, but his determination to lead the team to continue to perform amazingly in the second stage and complete the goal to win the championship is still very sufficient.


After the press conference, Kashuai came to the stadium to start training. Under the leadership of the team leader, the author and a group of people came to the sidelines and watched the warm-up part of the team for ten minutes. A different scene appeared. After listening to the head coach's speech, the team was divided into two groups and started playing rugby. This kind of warm-up f亚搏下注软件orm has never been se亚搏游戏网页版en in the previous open day, and it is very fresh. The players started with a real oval football, and then replaced it with a blue football. Clash, dodge, long-range pass, short sprint, and handball-style attack-the player jumps in the air and shoots toward the goal! Whether it is foreign aid such as Paulinho and Talisca, or domestic newcomers su亚搏下注软件ch as Liao Lisheng, Zhong Yihao, He Chao, Yan Dinghao, everyone is very involved in this warm-up, and laughter and laughter echo in the training ground from time to time.


I don’t know if bringing this kind of rugby + handball warm-up form into the football field is a pioneering work by the Cannavaro team, but friends who have studied sports training will understand it better.


At present, the Evergrande team, which has assembled and started preparati亚搏游戏网页版ons for the second phase of the more critical competition, is in a state of easy preparation. The atmosphere in the team is particularly good. Next, it is up to you to show your fists.




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