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亚搏游戏网页版|专家评四支可能大交易的球队 或影响争冠格局
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   Beijing time on October 21, NBA expert Kevin Pelton wrote an article listing four teams that may make big deals in this year's offseason: the Nets, the Warriors, the Thunder and the 76ers.

北京时间10月21日,NBA专家凯文·佩尔顿(Kevin Pelton)撰写了一篇文章,列出了可能在今年休赛期取得重大交易的四支球队:篮网,勇士,雷霆和76人。



   With both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving coming back next season, the Nets’ focus will become how to find the right partner for the star combination. This will mean that the Nets will package and trade some inappropriate players and get a third star.

随着凯文·杜兰特(Kevin Durant)和凯里·欧文(Kyrie Irving)下赛季的回归,篮网的重点将变成如何为明星组合找到合适的搭档。这意味着篮网将打包并交易一些不合适的球员,并获得第三颗星。

   The best trade option for the Nets is the young wing Loft. In the six qualifying games after the rematch, Loft averaged 25 points and 6.7 assists per game, leading the Nets to a 3 wins and 3 losses.


   Compared to playing next to Durant and Irving, Luft can play a more important role in other teams, because playing next to Durant and Irving will expose one of Luft's weaknesses: fixed-point shooting.


  Although this offseason is the ideal time to trade Loft, for the Nets, the best time to trade depends on who gets it. The Nets should pay attention to Bill of the Wizards and Holiday of the Pelicans.




   The Warriors are currently in an interesting position. They have two attractive trading options: the No. 2 pick in the first round of this year and a $17.2 million trade exception in the Iguodala trade.


  If the Warriors use this transaction exception, it will increase their luxury tax, and the epidemic will significantly reduce the Warriors’ ticket revenue. In addition, there is no veteran player in the market that fits this trade exception and is worthy of the Warriors giving up the No. 2 pick in the first round.


   Regarding how to use this trade exception and draft picks, the Warriors can choose other ways. One option is to accept a smaller contract and send Kevin Rooney. This allows the Warriors to create a new trading exception that can be used next year.


   Another option is to trade down draft picks.


   Finally, there is a bigger possibility: use this year's No. 2 pick and the first three protected picks from the Timberwolves in the first round of 2021 to exchange for a star player, such as Bill or Holiday.


   But for the Warriors, now may not be the best time, and the Warriors may keep the 2021 draft pick to chase Antetokounmpo.



   After losing Westbrook and George last summer, the Thunder have performed amazingly this season, but in all fairness, it is difficult for the Thunder to replicate this season's performance in the new season. If you keep the original team.


   Considering that the West is getting stronger and stronger, the Thunder's focus will be to rebuild around young players.


   This means that the Thunder will need to trade 35-year-old point guard Chris Paul. Paul's performance this season is very eye-catching, and there are rumors that many teams intend to get Paul through trade. For the Thunder, this is obviously a good time to trade Paul.


   In addition, the Thunder can also place unrestricted free agent Gallinari on a sign-and-change deal.




   The outside world has been discussing when the 76ers will break up the Embiid and Simmons combination. If you can find a player of equal value and more suitable to partner with the remaining player, of course the 76ers should consider making this deal.


   Center Al Horford is obviously not suitable for the 76ers, but in addition to considering using Horford for a replacement insider with a smaller contract, the 76ers should also consider swapping for an outside player, such as Hilder of the Kings.


  Although the 76ers should also consider trading Tobias Harris in exchange for a more mobile perimeter defensive player, they may first let Doc Rivers adjust the lineup. If it fails, 亚搏下注软件then the 76ers will have a greater sense of urgency to complete the deal before the trade deadline for next season.

尽管76人也应该考虑交易托比亚斯·哈里斯以换取更具机动性的外线防守球员,但他们可能首先会让Doc Rivers调整阵容。如果交易失败,那么76人将更有紧迫感,希望在下个赛季的交易截止日期之前完成交易。



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