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Season this Saturday at


Although this year’s offseason is only two months, due to the implementation of the “salary cap” and the standard version of the player’s contract, the transfer market flows more frequently. Both Beijing teams have strengthened their lineup through signings, earning enough attention. At the same time, the prospects of the new season are also optimistic about the outside world. However, whether it is a favorite or a 4 4 guarantee, the two teams must not only polish themselves, but also face the impact of strong players.

尽管今年的休赛期只有两个月,但由于实施了“工资帽”和球员合同的标准版,转会市场的流动更为频繁。北京两支球队都通过签约加强了阵容,赢得了足够的关注。同时,新一季的前景对外界也很乐观。但是,无论是最爱还是4 4保证,两支球队不仅必须磨练自己,而且还必须面对强大球员的冲击。



Suspicious inside reinforcement guard


In this year's domestic player market, Beijing Shougang introduced two outstanding domestic centers, Li Muhao and Fan Ziming, and the sho亚搏游戏网页版rtcomings that have been trapped for many years have been greatly enriched. The extent to which Shougang's combat power can be improved in the new season depends to a large extent on the degree of integration between the newly-made "Twin Towers" and the team's original system.


Before leaving for the Zhuji Division, the two new aids both stated that they would start from defense. Assistant coach Xie Libin, who is temporarily acting as the commander, affirmed the positive role they have brought to the team in terms of rebounding and defending the basket. On the offensive end, both Li Muhao and Fan Ziming have the ability to play singles under the basket and support. Shougang’s offensive is holistic, with many pick-and-roll cooperation. As the national team enriches the team, the team’s changes in coordination and deterrence will also increase.


The other good news is that the big foreign aid Hamilton will end the isolation next week. After he returned to the team, the Shougang lieutenant will have three 2.10 meters in height. Although the big guy has limited playing time against the All-China team, the rotation and match between him and Li Muhao and Fan Ziming will undoubtedly be more abundant.


In order to play the expected effect inside, the driving of the backcourt is crucial. Shougang has gained a lot in the domestic player market, but was frustrated in the selection of small foreign aid. Jeremy Lin, who fits in the team system, failed to renew his contract. Joseph Yang has joined hands with his city rival Beijing Control.

为了在内部发挥预期的效果,后场的驱动至关重要。首钢在国内球员市场上获得了很多收获,但在选择小型外援时却感到沮丧。适合团队系统的林书豪(Jeremy Lin)无法续签合同。约瑟夫·杨(Joseph Yang)与他的城市竞争对手“北京控制”携手。

In the end, Shougang chose Gibson. His personal scoring ability has been proven in the CBA, but what is more concerned about him is whether he can integrate into Shougang's team basketball and take on the task of organizing offense and defense.


After the inside line was reinforced, the back line became a relatively weak link for Shougang. With the start of the game, the team’s bigger challenge now is whether the local defender can carry the burden before Gibson arrives. In addition, the new coach Pajagani is likely not to be on the spot in the first stage. What kind of sparks the Italians and Shougang will create in the subsequent games, the suspense remains to be revealed.


Beijing Enterprises


Guarantee 8 fight 4 is not easy


In the new season's oath meeting last week, the Beijing Enterprises Men's Basketball team called out the goal of "guarantee 8 and 4". The multiple heavyweight deals during this offseason also show that the Forbidden Warriors will not be satisfied with their performance last season.


At the oath of worship, head coach Marbury declared: "Last season we won 6th place, but I will not be satisfied with it. The championship is our constant pursuit." Challenge, Ma said frankly that the pressure is not small, but also emphasized that "always set the goal a little higher, in order to inspire us to fight."


In the first year of his tenure, Beijing Controls brought Beijing to the playoffs for the first time. Marbury's coach career has won unanimous praise from the start, which gave him and the team more confidence to pursue higher goals. Through a series of operations, Beijing Enterprises introduced Yu Changdong, Li Gen and Hou Yifan, and Li Rui was picked in the draft, and the lineup was further upgraded. In particular, the joining of the two championship players has strengthened the team's inside and forward lines.


"Mr. 74 points" Joseph Young and Tunisian center Majori are the foreign aid combination of Beijing Enterprises in the new season. The two are expected to join the team at the end of the first stage.

“ 74分先生”约瑟夫·杨和突尼斯中锋马乔里是新赛季北京企业的外援组合。预计这两个人将在第一阶段结束时加入团队。

Prior to playing for the Nanjing Tongxi team, Yang showed super personal scoring ability and can solve problems at critical times. This is the main reason Marbury chose him. Compared with the striker and the inside, the North Point has a tighter rotation on the back line, especially the local players have obvious fluctuations. After joining the team, Yang, who has outstanding personal ability, needs to play more selflessly to drive the performance of his teammates.


The double foreign aid is expected to end the quarantine at the end of this month, and Beijing Enterprises has made preparations for the beginning of the season for the all-Chinese class. On the other hand, after supplementing the new force, the cultivation of tacit understanding between the players and the "chemical reaction" of the entire team must be completed in the first stage.


In the preseason game yesterday, the Beijing Control All China team lost 78-89 to the Shanxi team. 20 turnovers in the audience revealed that the lineup is still lacking. For Beijing C亚搏下注软件ontrols, in order to achieve the season's goals, it is crucial to lay the foundation for the next month.




Guangdong and Shanghai

GU案G栋and Shanghai

Last season, Beijing, Guangdong, Liaoning and New Zealand won the top four. The outside world predicts that the CBA will continue to be the pattern of these four teams in the new season.


After Shougang strengthened the inside line, the strength gap with the three opponents was further narrowed. However, the two finals teams did not have big signings during the offseason last season and are still the most stable team in the league.


The Guangdong team did not make a move in the transfer market. Yi Jianlian will also miss the opening stage of the league due to an Achilles tendon injury, but the defending champion is the only team that has double foreign aid to participate in the offseason. In addition to retaining the team of two consecutive championships to the greatest extent, the Guangdong team’s youth training is carried out effectively, and the new forces can continue to be enriched in the team.


While retaining the main force, the Liaoning team switched from the Shandong team to the young center Zhu Rongzhen, and registered for the first time the self-trained NCAA player Zhang Zhenlin. It is worth mentioning that in the preseason game with Zhejiang team this Tuesday, the 2.08-meter teenager felt hot and scored 27 points and 12 rebounds in his CBA debut. With the depth of the lineup rising instead of falling, after Yang Ming officially took the position of head coach, what effect can he play with a good hand is worth looking forward to.


On the other hand, the Xinjiang team sent away the four main forces of Kolan Beike, Xirelijiang, Yu Changdong and Fan Ziming, and foreign aid is currently not in place. Although Zhou Qi, Zeng Lingxu, and Abdul Saramu were retained, their overall strength was still affected. Therefore, training the team in the early stage and tapping the potential internally are issues that head coach Ah Tijiang has to consider.


In addition to the top 4 teams last season, there were also "spoilers" that were quite dynamic. The Shanghai team continued last year's offseason at the expense of recruiting operations and is the most eye-catching among mid-range teams. Shanghai "Big Shark" has a lot of appetite. First, they used the No. 1 pick to take off the insider Juncai Ou Junxuan, and then introduced Kolan Bek, signed free agent Liu Zheng and others. While strengthening the local lineup, Fredette's return made the Shanghai team even more powerful. In addition, the famous coach Spasha, who has coached in the NBA and Europe, will be in charge of the Shanghai men's basketball team in the new season.

除了上赛季的前四名球队外,还有一些“破坏者”非常活跃。上海队在去年的休赛期继续以招募人员为代价,这是中档球队中最引人注目的。上海的“大鲨鱼”有很多胃口。首先,他们使用1号签摘下内部人Juncai Ou Junxuan,然后介绍了Kolan Bek,签下的自由球员Liu Zheng等人。在加强当地阵容的同时,Fredette的回归使上海队变得更加强大。此外,曾在NBA和欧洲执教过的著名教练Spasha将负责新赛季的上海男篮。

If the Shanghai team can play the expected results, Beijing Enterprises will undoubtedly have one more opponent in the "Struggle 4".


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