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【亚搏下注软件】【战术板】热火有巴特勒的“点名” 但湖人有皇眉
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102-96, the Lakers succeeded in breaking the game and making another victory, winning the championship point in the Finals.


Thick eyebrows to defend Jimmy Butler was the first card the Lakers played yesterday.


This is what we've been talking about many times before the start of the series, the Lakers' best matchup arrangement.


First of all, in one-on-one defense, the movement of the thick eyebrows does not suffer, and the body shape and wingspan can cover Butler, which can interfere with the defense, but when Butler plays without the ball, his shooting ability is not enough. In order to pose too much threat to the Lakers, the thick eyebrows can choose to empty appropriately to shrink the basket and provide the team with high-quality defense and rim protection.


But this card is not enough to win the Heat.


Because you have to have time to rest after all. After Adebayor returned, the Heat regained the impact of the big man in the penalty area. When the Lakers put Morris on the link to hit the young, Adeba About grasping this point, he played the feeling of Dongjue ravaging Tais.

因为毕竟您必须有时间休息。阿德巴约返回后,热火重新获得了大个子在禁区的影响。当湖人队将莫里斯(Morris)击中年轻的阿德巴·阿德巴(Adeba About)抓住这一点时,他扮演了东爵(Nongjue)破坏泰斯(Tais)的感觉。

The Lakers want to stabilize the defense while improving the offense. So, in the second half of the game, Vogel showed his hole card. Not only did he remove Howard’s starter and started playing with Morris, he also adjusted his matchup for the second time, allowing his thick eyebrows to defend against Butler, and at the same time handed Adebayor’s defensive task to LeBron. -James, and Morris is mainly responsible for defending against Crowder, who has little threat of offense.

湖人希望在提高进攻效率的同时稳定防守。因此,在比赛的下半场,沃格尔展示了自己的底牌。他不仅删除了霍华德的首发球员并开始与莫里斯比赛,而且还第二次调整了对垒,让浓密的眉毛抵御巴特勒,并将阿德巴约的防守任务交给了勒布朗。 -詹姆斯(James)和莫里斯(Morris)主要负责防御几乎没有进攻威胁的克劳德(Crowder)。

James can perfectly fit Adebayor in terms of height, weight or mobility, and his thick eyebrows can well limit Butler's offense-from the data point of view, in the last three quarters, Butler faced thick eyebrows His shooting performance is 1 in 7, but in fact, Butler has a lot of rounds in the face of thick eyebrows and it is almost impossible to find a mobile phone. This is more meaningful than the number of 1 in 7. In this way, the Heat has dual cores inside and outside. Even if the defensive task is clear.


The next issue to be addressed is Butler's roll call.


After the last game, we said that the Lakers should not switch defenses on Butler's roll call so frequently, because from the perspective of big data, Butler is not a very stable long-range player. He does have the ability to shoot. Some key balls, fairy balls, but these are all small probability events. When the Lakers deal with his pick-and-roll, there are two best ways. Either let the smaller one raise the ball and make a big delay, or let the opposing defender sink the defense, bypass the screen, and block his path inward.


Judging from the results, especially in the second half, the Lakers are determined to do so. In addition to looking for Adebayor to play the pick-and-roll, James switched defenses directly. If you look for the smaller one, the opponent will sink and try not to change defenses. If you are really forced to change defenses, the flanks will pay special attention to flanking and assisting defense. Bye Heat The player on the far weak side squatting in the corner, even if Butler wants to score the ball, it is forcing him to go to the most difficult position.

从结果来看,尤其是下半场,湖人决心这样做。除了寻找阿德巴约进行挡拆外,詹姆斯还直接转换了防守。如果您寻找较小的对手,则对手会下沉并尽量不改变防御。如果您真的被迫改变防御,则侧翼将特别注意侧翼和辅助防御。再见热力(Bye Heat)远处一侧的球员蹲在角落里,即使巴特勒想得分,也迫使他走到最困难的位置。

The reason why James is so angry about this ball is because Caruso did so badly for this big delay, not to mention that it did not play a role in delay, and it blocked the passage of his teammates. James realized that he wanted to come over to make up the spot, but Butler had already grabbed a favorable shot position ahead of time, and he couldn't cover it.


Locking Butler's roll call, the dislocation attack basically blocked the tear.


In one-on-one defense, the Lakers do not suffer at all. Whether it is Butler or Adebayor, they have enough resources to match. The only thing left to deal with is the Heat's shooter group and the offensive changes created by the Heat's core using the position of the shooter group.


How did the Lakers deal with the Heat's hand-to-hand cover?


One is the smaller one forcibly squeezing through the cover.


Like this. Caruso grabbed the screen one step ahead and blocked Adebayor's hand-passing path. Then Pope grabbed Hiro's second pass, and waited until Hiro was ready to kill with the ball from the top of the arc. , Caruso handed his defender to the thick eyebrow of the weak side, and then went to the middle to help defend, which led to Shiro's walking as an example.

像这样。卡鲁索将屏幕向前推了一步,挡住了阿德巴约的手动通过路线。随后,教皇抓住了希罗的第二个传球,等到希罗准备好用弧线顶部的球杀死他。 ,卡鲁索将防守者移到软弱的一面浓密的眉毛上,然后走到中路帮助防守,这以四郎的走为例。

The other is to delay the attack and fight for the subsequent rotation.


For example, these two rounds.


The last one is to switch defenses directly, which is also the most used defense against shooters in the last quarter.


Because the opponents against Adebayor and Butler are James and thick eyebrows, the Lakers' defense has both a strong external expansion and internal retraction ability. In this case, the Heat's shooter still scored a few fairy goals. It's really amazing. But for the Lakers, this defensive strategy is completely okay.


Relying on this series of defensive arrangements, the Lakers finally put the Heat's full-court score to 96 points, which can be said to be quite successful. According to previous game experience, when the Lakers have shown this level of defensive performance, the suspense of the game will generally not last long. But why did the Heat last to the end?


This starts with the Heat's defense.


Like the Lakers, they actually adjusted their defensive matchups.


The Heat did not arrange for Crowder to guard against thick eyebrows as they did in the first game, but instead chose to directly let Adebayor go to match the thick eyebrows and let Cloud go to Howard. In this way, the pick-and-roll between James and the thick eyebrows is not so good to play directly, because the Heat can be changed, and James can attack Adebayor, which may be more difficult than playing Butler. The chance of this group of pick-and-rolls is actually out. After the change of defense, the thick eyebrows have a dislocation and a high advantage of Butler alone, and the insider Howard has a dislocation against Crowder.


But your ball is not good for thick eyebrows, because the Heat used a lot of circling and pinching. Butler sat on Davis's lap to prevent the Lakers' lob, which basically blocked the connection between the two. And Howard's current ability to eat alone is very limited. Not only is it difficult to pass, but it is not very effective if it is passed in.


More importantly, the Heat's forward defense can not only limit the thick eyebrows to receive the ball. In the second quarter, when James leads the team alone as the main attack point, he will go to the low post to launch an offense. The Heat also use it to bypass the front and interfere with the catch. With the ball, there is always a weak side to help defend behind. It can be said that it has taken care of the two core points of the Lakers in all aspects.


Nong Mei couldn't catch the ball in his most accustomed attack area, and his offensive scenes were cut a lot. The same was true for James. He was forced to make a lot of strong attacks from the high position if he couldn't do a simple low attack. But it is not easy to attack one-on-one. The Heat continued their defensive strategy of the previous game. The big delay and th亚搏下注软件e sinking defense did not give James a chance to roll the name, forcing him to force him to kill his own well-stocked striker group. .

Nong Mei无法在他最习惯的进攻区域接球,而且他的进攻场面被大幅削减。詹姆斯也是如此。如果他不能做一个简单的低位进攻,他就被迫从高位做出很多强力进攻。但是一对一攻击并不容易。热火继续了上一场比赛的防守策略。巨大的延误和下沉的防守并没有给詹姆斯一个机会来推出这个名字,迫使他迫使他杀死自己储备充足的前锋集团。 。

The 亚搏游戏网页版truth is actually right, but... the Heat is facing LeBron James.


The main reason why they will lose this defensive battle is not in strategy, but in the ability of the team's stars to crack various defensive positions.


James wanted to call the name, the Heat made a big delay, Butl亚搏下注软件er couldn't come up, he pulled out while standing outside, and he could make a shot. In the same operation, Butler also got the same opportunity several times, but he just failed to grasp it.


But you didn't have to be late enough to come up in time, James jumped in as soon as he put on his defense. With this ability and awareness to grasp opportunities in an instant, as well as the ability to deal with various defenses, James is better than Butler by more than one gear. This is the cruel reality that the Heat have to face.


They did a lot of things right, and their defensive layout was not too bad. They let the Lakers passively give up a lot of what they are good at, but in the end, they still failed to win the game. Who can you talk to to reason about this matter?


It can only be said that the playoffs are still the stage of superstars after all. The Lakers team has the ability to solve all troubles on both sides of the offense and defense. It is too stable.


No one commented, but quiet


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