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亚搏游戏网页版-【有视频有真相】“UFC第一狠人” 是这样炼成的!
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Jorge Masvidal, who was born in Miami and has Cuban and Peruvian descent, has been in the fighting world for many years.

豪尔赫·马斯维达尔(Jorge Masvidal)出生于迈阿密,有古巴和秘鲁血统,在战斗世界里已经有很多年了。

Surrender kijesa


After winning his UFC debut a few months ago, Masvidal faced the winner of the "Ultimate Fighter" in Chiesa's hometown. Before the game, Chiesa is obviously the side that most people look forward to. This rookie with a record of 9 wins has shown a one-sided advantage in the ultimate fighter knockout and finals. In the first round of the game, Chiesa's state was also amazing. He knocked down Masvidal through continuous blows in less than 2 minutes.


But in the middle of the game, Chiesa's physical fitness appeared some problems, and Masvidal also began to find a sense, he prevented the opponent's slow hug and fall several times, draining Chiesa more physical strength. After the game entered the ground, Masvidal controlled Chiesa well and began to punch the ground.




After defeating Chiesa for a year and a half, Masvidal was promoted back to welterweight, and has won and lost in several games. In January 2017, Masvidal played again in his opponent's hometown. This time his opponent was "Cowboy" Donald Ceroni. At that time, Ceroni also played a wave of 4 consecutive victories after being promoted from lightweight to welterweight, becoming one of the candidates for the championship challenge. He just knocked out Matt Brown 6 weeks ago, this time he returned quickly, aiming to defeat Masvidal in his hometown of Denver to get the right to challenge.

在击败基耶萨(Chiesa)一年半之后,马斯维达尔(Masvidal)晋升为次中量级,并且在数场比赛中均获胜。 2017年1月,马斯维达尔(Masvidal)在对手的故乡再次比赛。这次他的对手是“牛仔”唐纳德·塞罗尼。那时,Ceroni从轻量级晋升为次中量级,也连续四次获得胜利,成为冠军挑战赛的候选人之一。他刚刚在6周前淘汰了马特·布朗(Matt Brown),这次他迅速返回,目的是在故乡丹佛击败Masvidal,以取得挑战的权利。

Masvidal played very patiently in the first round, and his onslaught 30 seconds before the end of the round almost ended the joint main game. After the start of the second round, Masvidal continued to attack, hitting Seroni's body and head continuously. Ceroni neglected the defense of the head while counterattack, and was knocked down by Masvidal with a right-hand punch, and then ended by several pursuits and TKO.


Upset away, hit Tyre hard


Consecutive losses to Demian Maya and Stephen Thompson kept Masvidal away from the championship battle, and his next opponent is the rising star Darren Tyre from England. Tyre had maintained an undefeated professional record, and also KO ended Ceroni and unexpectedly got the opportunity to challenge the championship, but was eventually cut by Tyron Woodley. that's it,

迪米亚·玛雅(Demian Maya)和史蒂芬·汤普森(Stephen Thompson)的连续失利使马斯维达尔(Masvidal)远离了冠军争夺战,他的下一个对手是来自英格兰的后起之秀达伦·蒂伦(Darren Tire)。蒂尔(Tire)保持了不败的职业记录,KO结束了Ceroni并意外地有机会挑战冠军,但最终被Tyron Woodley淘汰。而已,

Tyr's heavy blow showed its power at the beginning of the game, but he failed to suppress Masvidal, and the two started a cat-and-mouse battle on the court. There was no change in the scene 3 minutes before the second round, but when the time was just under 2 minutes,


The fastest KO, kill Askern in seconds


Before talking about this game, you must first see the whole process in person to know how crazy it is. According to Mas Vidal head coach Mike Brown, this scene was not an accident, but they had planned it in advance, when everything on the field developed as they expected.

在谈论这款游戏之前,您必须首先亲自查看整个过程,以了解它的疯狂程度。根据马斯·维达尔(Mas Vidal)的主教练迈克·布朗(Mike Brown)的说法,这并非偶然,但他们已事先计划好了,当时球场上的一切都如预期般发展。



Masvidal and Askeron heated up the atmosphere of discord before the game, and even when the referee cleared the game before the start of the game, Masvidal was still provoking his opponent. After the bell rang, the two moved to the center of the venue.


But even in 5 seconds, this speed also refreshed the record for the fastest end game in UFC history, whether it is KO or surrender. And this performance not only made Masvidal proud of the audience, but also put him on a larger stage, which is the famous New York Madison Square Garden.


Battle of the First Ruthless


If the spike in Askeren made Masvidal famous in one battle,


The process of the game was a veritable rush, and the two players fought for 15 minutes. Before the start of the fourth round, Diaz was forced to terminate the game due to serious eye injuries.


Diaz's boxing fans were angry with the result, and the players themselves were disappointed with the result, but this is the fact. Although he failed to end his opponent personally, it did not detract from Masvidal's outstanding performance that night.


Gorgeous dividing line! The video is coming!


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From 5 seconds KO to "UFC No. 1 Ruthless" motor is made like this!

从5秒KO到“ UFC No.less无情”电动机就是这样制成的!

No one commented, but quiet


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