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  Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team took revenge on Jiangsu 3-2 in the semifinals of the National Championships and entered the final after a lapse of 3 years. The two tops of Tianjin and the Soviet Union played five games in both matches in this championship. From a 2-3 defeat in the group stage to 3-2 in the semifinals, Tianjin’s ability to overwhelm its rivals was mainly due to the high-gloss performance of the new captain Li Yingying. She had the upper hand in the duel with the opponent's main attacker Zhang Changning.


   Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team encountered a greater challenge due to the absence of the main setter Yao Di. The right-wing response power is limited, the secondary attack and the second pass are not well coordinated, the young main attacker Wang Yizhu's performance is fluctuating, and Li Yingying's first attack occasionally appears. Different from focusing on offense when he first debuted, after adding a pass, Li Yingying's burden in Tianjin is even heavier. Not only is it still the team's offensive arrow, but also a lot of first pass and series tasks.


  Tianjin lost 2-3 in the group match against Jiangsu. Li Yingying played well in the first four games, but her offensive lethality decreased in the deciding game. Zhang Changning stole the limelight and led to the final defeat. In the semi-finals, Li Yingying once again played a high level, surpassing Zhang Changning, who was on the net.


   In the first game, Yang Yi was replaced by Yu Junwei because of a botched foot. Without Yang Yi's stable output in series, Tianjin's first pass and defensive quality have been affected. Compared with the diagonal Wang Yizhu and the substitute Yu Yunwei, Li Yingying has the best skills in the series of three side attackers, and she has therefore assumed more responsibilities.


   From offense, serve, block, to pass and defense, Li Yingying has made outstanding contributions to the team. As a small main attacker, she was repeatedly pursued for 6 rounds, but basically withstood. Not only do self-connections and self-deductions frequently appear, but they also start offenses from multiple positions, making Jiangsu impossible to defend. Li Yingying not only plays an outstanding role in offense and defense, her serving round is also her own round of increase. It is no exaggeration to say that in today's semi-finals, Li Yingying dragged the Tianjin team forward.


   The burden on both the offensive and defensive ends is extremely heavy, which challenges Li Yingying's physical fitness. In the semifinals, Li Yingying scored more than 30 points, and the deciding game changed the group stage against Jiangsu. He had 9 deductions and 6 of the offenses, becoming the winner of the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team. This time, Li Yingying was able to hold on to the decisive game and still retained strong offensive power, which also benefited from the moderate share of teammates in the first four games. Since the third game, Yu Junwei's offensive power as a substitute has basically been demonstrated. The state of deputy offensive national player Wang Yuanyuan has also improved from the first battle in Jiangsu.


   After Yao Di was absent due to injury, Li Yingying became the acting captain of the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team. From focusing on his performance on the court in the past, now he must take the overall situation into consideration and lead his teammates to work together. The change in her responsibilities is even more a test for the young Li Yingying.


  Today's fight against Jiangsu, Li Yingying did not start well in the first game. There were fluctuations in the pass and the attack was also closely guarded. In the case of her own performance ups and downs and teammates are not very strong, Li Yingying did not appear to be afraid of difficulties, but adjusted in time to drive the performance of teammates through her own play. Helping the Tianjin women's volleyball team to gradually get out of the predicament, really played the leading role of the captain.


Although Tianjin’s lineup is not as complete as Jiangsu’s, it still showed a deep championship foundation in key battles, with better on-the-spot response, hard work and detailed handling. In addition, Li Yingying's outstanding performance in the star players' duel, finally 3 -2 Revenge advances to the final. (Caucasus)

尽管天津的阵容不及江苏,但它在关亚搏游戏网页版键战役中仍显示出深厚的冠军基础,现场反应更好,工作勤奋,细节处理得当。此外,李莹莹在明星选手对决中的出色表现,最终以3 -2 Revenge晋级决赛。 (高加索)

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