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亚搏游戏网页版_上港下周二前往苏州赛区 这支申花对他们太陌生
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Morning news reporter Yu Jiong


   The second stage of this season's Chinese Super League will start in a week. The most watched quarter-finals in the championship group are undoubtedly the derby between Shanghai SIPG and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua.


  Since the re-assembly at the end of the holiday on October 5, SIPG has been conducting targeted tactical drills related to the two rounds of matches, and the coaching staff has also paid special attention to the confidentiality of training content. After all, after the team arrives in Suzhou, the resident training field is certainly not closed to the same level as their training base in Century Park.


   It is reported that SIPG will go to the Suzhou competition area next Tuesday, or stay in the hotel room during the first phase. The first round of the derby match with Shenhua is October 18th, and the SIPG team will have 5 days to prepare for the final match after arriving at the match.


   For SIPG, this year's Derby can be said to be a real "encounter". Because this is the first time that Cui Kangxi played against Shanghai SIPG after taking over Shenhua. Compared with last season's clash between the two teams, Shenhua has also undergone many changes in personnel. After the joining of national gate Zeng Cheng and two outstanding defenders Feng Xiaoting and Mbia, Shenhua's defense strength has been significantly improved, and the two Ecuadorian new aids on the front line are even more "mysterious".


   Although there will be special arrangements for Shenhua, the overall lineup and formation of the SIPG team should be basically the same as in the first stage. 433 will be the preferred formation of Shanghai SIPG coach Pereira. The two full-time full-backs Wang Shenchao and Fu Huan performed well in the first stage of the match and are also capable of restraining Shenhua's side attack, especially Cao Yunding. . Arranging two wingers on the front line can not only take advantage of the space behind the opponent's full back who likes to press on assists, but also can restrain the opponent's side attack. In addition, Shenhua's two central defenders have strong high-altitude ball control in the penalty area, and the effect of blindly passing from the side will not be very good. SIPG's intensive defense also requires the cooperation of wingers and full backs. In addition, the two midfielders, Oscar and Muyi, like to move to the side with the ball. They can concentrate their forces on the ribs to find the opponent's defense line. opportunity.

尽管神华将有特殊安排,但SIPG团队的整体阵容和组成应与第一阶段基本相同。 433将是上海SIPG教练佩雷拉的首选阵型。比赛的第一阶段,两位全职后卫王申超和傅欢表现出色,并且也能够抑制申花的边路进攻,尤其是曹云鼎。 。在前线上安排两名边锋不仅可以利用喜欢用助攻助攻的对手后卫后面的空间,还可以抑制对手的边路进攻。另外,申花的两名中后卫在禁区有很强的高空控球能力,盲目从侧面传球的效果不会很好。 SIPG的密集防守还需要亚搏游戏网页版边锋和后卫的配合。此外,两位中场球员奥斯卡和穆伊喜欢随球移动到一侧。他们可以将力量集中在肋骨上以找到对手的防御线。机会。

   As for SIPG’s main lineup, most positions should be fixed without any injuries at present. For example, goalkeeper Yan Junling, two full-backs Wang Shenchao on the left and Fu Huan on the right; as well as Oscar and Muyi in the midfield, Anautovic is the center forward, Hulk plays the right winger and the left winger Lu Wenjun . In the central defender posi亚搏游戏网页版tion, given the good performance of U23 player Wei Zhen in the last few games of the first stage, he is expected to secure a main position in the double central defenders. He used to partner with him, Shi Ke, or Yu Rui, who is tall and excellent with a header. Perhaps coach Pereira has to choose according to the personnel arrangement of Shenhua's forward.


   The biggest variable in SIPG’s lineup is which of the three midfielders in the three-midfield configuration will partner with Oscar and Mui. If you want to release the offensive strength of the two Premier League midfielders, Yang Shiyuan, who has good physical fitness and outstanding running ability, should be the first choice. The three matches of the SIPG team against Wuhan Zall, Shijiazhuang Yongchang and Beijing Guoan were also such a midfield combination.

SIPG阵容中最大的变数是三中场配置中的三个中场中的哪一个将与Oscar和Mui合作。如果要释放两名英超中场球员的进攻实力,杨士元将是一个不错的选择,他具有良好的身体素质和出色的奔跑能力。 SIPG队与武汉扎尔,石家庄永昌和北京国安的三场比赛也是这样的中场组合。

   However, the height advantage of Bi Jinhao and Moreno in the Shenhua midfielder is also something SIPG must consider. In the past, when encountering this kind of situation, it was Cai Huikang who had a good header in the backcourt to take on the important task of fighting for the first spot in the midfi亚搏游戏网页版eld. And he has had a very good performance in past derby games, especially his ability to limit Moreno's play well. As for this season's new aid Mai Tijiang, his biggest feature is that he can sort out the midfield very well and is likely to be a backstop for SIPG. Once the team needs to strengthen the offense and send forward Lopez to form a striker "foreign trident", he will replace the midfielder Mui.


Source: Morning News Author: Yu Jiong


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