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   On October 18, the wife of Chinese sprinter Zhang Peimeng and sports host Zhang Mohan (real name Zhang Mohan) spoke again in response to the statement made by Zhang Peimeng's management team.


   On October 15, Zhang Mohan posted a long Weibo that accused Zhang Peimeng of domestic violence and derailment. Weibo quickly attracted wide attention from netizens. That night,


  The original text is as follows:


   [Respond to @张培萌 Brokerage Team]


   If you remember correctly, you have three agents, two women and one man. I only have myself, so I will respond to your team statement in a personal way.


[1] I have called the police three times in Beijing @ Ping An Beijing


   The first time, March 23, 2019 (March of pregnancy)


   Reason: I was hungry after severe morning sickness, eating at the bedside in the middle of the night woke Zhang Peimeng, he was furious and quarreled with me, during which he beat me.


  Result: The Shangdi Police Station in Haidian District received my alarm, but because Zhang Peimeng’s parents arrived in time to persuade and promise Zhang Peimeng would never commit the crime again, I relentlessly gave up the opportunity to go to the police for injury inspection.


   The second time, March 24, 2020 (6 months after delivery)


   Reason: Zhang Peimeng had quarrels and domestic violence because he wanted to go out on a motorcycle and was unwilling to help me go to the supermarket to buy the needs of my family. (Due to my dystocia and hemorrhage, the doctor clearly told me not to lift heavy objects to avoid aggravating uterine prolapse. During the epidemic, our family purchased a large amount of food, so I started to ask Zhang Peimeng for help.

原因:张佩萌之所以吵架和家庭暴力,是因为他想骑摩托车出去,不愿意帮助我去超市购买家人的需求。 (由于难产和出血,医生明确地告诉我不要举起重物,以免加剧子宫脱垂。在流行期间,我们一家人购买了大量食物,所以我开始向张培萌求助。

   Outcome: I was worried that going to the hospital for medical examination during the epidemic period might bring back the virus-infecting child, so after calling the police, I called the Qinghe Police Station in Haidian District again to give up the opportunity for police examination.


   The third time, May 7, 2020


   Reason: I won’t go into details.


  Result: Qinghe Police Station in Haidian District received the police and dispatched police. The result of the injury examination was a minor injury. When the police asked me whether I wanted to be resolved by "mediation" or "detention", I hesitated. I admit that I still loved Zhang Peimeng at that time and didn't want him to be detained. So I asked the police: "What should I do if someone who is not a husband and wife is beaten?" The police said, "Loss money and apologize." I said, "Then apologize, and pay me 666 yuan. I hope I will be successful in the future. The policeman laughed and said, "I'll make a decision for you. 520 is coming. Zhang Peimeng, you give your wife 5200. I hope you love her. You let her down." Both Zhang Peimeng and I have written records and said Sign the case (the contents of the case closure include: Zhang Peimeng apologizes to Zhang Mohan and pays 5,200 yuan, and the materials are kept in the police station), I did give up the opportunity of Zhang Peimeng’s brokerage team to identify domestic violence and detain him.

结果:海淀区清河派出所接警并出动。受伤检查的结果为轻伤。当警察问我是要通过“调解”还是“拘留”解决时,我犹豫了。我承认当时我仍然爱张培萌,不希望他被拘留。因此我问警察:“如果殴打不是夫妻的人该怎么办?”警察说:“赔钱并道歉。”我说:“然后向您道歉,并支付我666元。我希望我以后能成功。警察笑着说,”我会为您做出决定。 520即将到来。张培萌,你给你老婆5200。我希望你爱她。你让她失望了。”我和张培萌都有书面记录,并说“签署本案”(结案的内容包括:张培萌向张墨涵道歉,并支付了5200元,并将材料存放在派出所内),我的确放弃了张培萌经纪团队发现家庭暴力并拘留他的机会。

  [2] The video in this Weibo shows that at 13:21 pm on August 24, 2020, Mr. Zhang Peimeng brought three men to my Harbin home to form a group of illegal entry, violence and snatch children. I still watch it once and cry once, please pay attention to the earphone volume, the sound in the video is a bit harsh. This is what Zhang Peimeng's management team said: as the only亚搏下注软件 "guardian", "bringing" the baby back to Beijing, "the whole" process, "no harm" to "anyone". The process of committing the crime was carefully arranged. One person took the lead to go downstairs and drove to meet, one person stayed in the elevator to let the wind meet, and one per亚搏下注软件son accompanied Zhang Peimeng to enter the house illegally to commit violence and snatch the child. I heard that the person in the video who responded in the elevator was called Chen Ming? The hats, glasses, and masks are so tight, is it my old acquaintance, Mr. Chen Ming, the legal person of the five chief executives (Beijing) Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. of your agency and one of your three agents? Is your brokerage team not only involved in the writing of the statement, but even in the planning and execution of some events in the statement?


   In addition, just yesterday, the 22nd meeting of the 13th National People's Congress was voted to pass # Minor Protection Law Revision#, which clearly pointed out that "no children shall be robbed or hidden for custody of minor children." Before the divorce lawsuit was opened and the custody right had not yet been judged, Zhang Peimeng's behavior of illegally ganging into the house to violent and snatching children not only violated my basic rights as a mother to take care of and visit children, but also seriously damaged the physical and mental health of the children.


  [3] Regarding Zhang Peimeng’s statement of the brokerage team that I "asked for a large amount of cash" and some netizens’ accusations of "worshiping money and material". Let me just say one thing—before I got married and had children, my annual income was about twice that of Zhang Peimeng during the same period (with a formal contract and clear tax payment). I actively returned to the workplace 70 days after giving birth. I don't know what your so-called "request for a large amount of cash" is, and where does "worship for money and material" come from.


   Finally, my response to the other clauses in the seven response statements of Zhang Peimeng's team is "omitted."


  Added: Regarding Zhang Peimeng and his entourage who entered the house illegally, committed violence and snatched their children, we reported the case on August 24, 2020, and the case was accepted by @平安哈 哈道里区 Gongle Police Station. 16 days after the incident, on September 9, 2020, we received the injury inspection report. Thirty days after the incident, on September 22, 2020, two policemen from Gongle Police Station in Daoli District, Harbin, came to Beijing to record Zhang Peimeng's transcript, reported to the branch for approval and returned to Harbin. Today is the 55th day after the incident. We believe in the fairness and justice of the law and wait for the result.


   Also, a word from the heart-thank you all for your concern and support, really, thank you.


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