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亚搏下注软件:一夫当关!强强对话变扑救集锦 莱诺成8年来第一人助枪手复仇
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亚搏下注软件:一夫当关!强强对话变扑救集锦 莱诺成8年来第一人助枪手复仇

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Three days ago in the league at Anfield Stadium, Arsenal lost 1-3 in disgrace, but Leno made 5 saves in that game. Coming to Anfield again today, if Leno hadn't been further upgraded to "Raid", then it would not be Arsenal who would advance to the quarter-finals of the League Cup, but Liverpool. The German door god is undoubtedly the number one contributor to the gunmen's revenge.


In this game, Liverpool and Arsenal's offensives in the first half were very sloppy. Only Takumi Minano shot the crossbar before halftime to wake people from sleepy (Takumi Minano's supplementary shot was also in Lai Nou saved a header from Jota). In the second half, Liverpool, which had the home court advantage, began to show off, and the Gunners were able to "go back" to a penalty shootout, which meant that Leno was single-handed.

在这场比赛中,上半场利物浦和阿森纳的进攻非常草率。只有中野刚(Takumi Minano)在中场休息前才射中横梁,以使人们从困倦中醒来(野野刚(Takumi Minano)的辅助射门也来自赖诺(Lai Nou),他从佐塔(Jota)抢下头球。在下半场,拥有主场优势的利物浦开始炫耀,而枪手也可以“回到”点球大战,这意味着莱诺是单枪匹马。

In the 53rd minute, Grujic ferryed the header from the left side of the penalty area. Van Dijk’s right foot ejection from the front of the penalty area was saved by Leno bravely. Seven minutes later, the Liverpool player made it to the edge of the Arsenal penalty area. A cold shot from the front of the penalty area, the ball was saved by Leno.

第53分钟,格鲁吉克从禁区左侧移出头球。莱诺(Leno)勇敢地挽救了范·迪克(Van Dijk)从禁区前方射出的右脚。七分钟后,利物浦球员到达了阿森纳禁区边缘。禁区前方冷射,莱诺将球扑出。

In the 62nd minute, Leno saved a volley from the center of the penalty area by Jota. 1 minute later, Liverpool took a corner kick. Grujic's header was still saved by Leno. From the 53rd minute to the 63rd minute, this was the most violent period of Liverpool's offensive. The Reds were close to 4 goals in just 10 minutes, but they were resolved by Leno every time.

在第62分钟,莱诺(Jeno)从禁区中央扑出一脚凌空抽射。 1分钟后,利物浦开出角球。鲁诺仍然保存了Grujic的标题。从第53分钟到第63分钟,这是利物浦进攻最暴力的时期。仅仅10分钟,红军就接近了4个进球,但是莱诺每次都解决了他们。

After the game dragged into a penalty shoot-out, Leno became a hero on the court again. After Adrian saved Ernene’s penalty, Liverpool took the lead in taking the penalty and gained a 3-2 advantage, but Leno then saved Origi’s penalty, allowing the two teams to return to the same level. , And in the sixth round of the "sudden death system", he saved Wilson's penalty ball to ensure Arsenal advance.

在比赛拖入点球大战后,莱诺再次成为球场上的英雄。阿德里安(Adrian)挽救了埃内内(Ernene)的点球之后,利物浦率先取得点球大战,并获得3-2的优势,但莱诺(Leno)随后挽救了奥里吉(Origi)的点球,使两队恢复到同一水平。 ,并且在“突然死亡系统”的第六轮中,他保存了威尔逊的点球,以确保阿森纳晋级。

In the 90 minutes of the game, Leno made 7 saves and managed to keep the goal. When it came to the penalty kick, he saved two penalty kicks from the opponent. The 28亚搏游戏网页版-year-old almost drove the Gunner into it by himself. League Cup quarterfinals. Since Mannone in September 2012, Leno is the first Gunners goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet at Anfield in eight years.


Just 3 days ago, when Arsenal lost to Liverpool in an away game, many people questioned whether the Gunners should let Leno continue to play a goal and sold the Argentine goalkeeper Martinez. These people even included the Gunners famous Tony- Adams, but the performance of the Germans today slammed back the doubts of the outside world.


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[Video: League Cup-Leno rejected two penalty kicks, Arsenal knocked out Liverpool 5-4 in penalty shootout]


Before the start of the game, Bayern goalkeeper Neuer just won UEFA’s best goalkeeper of the year, and then Leno turned into a "Raid" to eliminate Liverpool, the two German goalkeepers competed in the same day, plus Barcelona's special Erstegen, this may also be a happy trouble for Loew.


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