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亚搏游戏网页版-多米尼加锦标赛未来之星爆发 贾斯汀-徐升至T2
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亚搏游戏网页版-多米尼加锦标赛未来之星爆发 贾斯汀-徐升至T2

   September 26, Beijing time, Justin Suh (Justin Suh) continued to rush forward on Friday.

北京时间9月26日,贾斯汀·苏(Justin Suh)继续在周五赶往。

亚搏下注软件   After the college-age star scored 67 at the start, he surrendered the same number on Friday. At the beginning of the weekend, he was tied for second place in the Dominican Championship.


   Justin Xu has the strength and has the opportunity to immediately integrate into the PGA Tour like his peers, PGA Tour champions Viktor Hovland, Matthew Wolfe, and Colin Morikawa. But after starting professional golf, he had to fight against a wrist injury, and now he is back to a steady routine.

贾斯汀·许(Justin Xu)有实力,并且有机会像他的同行,美巡赛冠军维克托·霍夫兰德(Viktor Hovland),马修·沃尔夫(Matthew Wolfe)和科林·森川(Colin Morikawa)一样,立即融入美巡赛。但是开始职业高尔夫之后,他不得不与手腕受伤作斗争,现在他又恢复了常规。

   On Friday, he saw results.


"Today, I will say that I want to give myself an'A'," Justin Xu said, "At the final stage, the wind is blowing. The wind is basically against the wind when I come back several holes, yes, I will Give yourself an A. I'm determined every shot and stay in the moment."


   Justin Xu participated in 5 races on the Latin America Tour last season and won 4 top ten places. His best place on the PGA Tour was tied for 21st in the Barracuda Championship last summer.

贾斯汀·许(Justin Xu)上赛季参加了拉丁美洲巡回赛的5场比赛,并获得4个前十名。去年夏天,他在美巡赛上的最好成绩在梭子鱼锦标赛中并列第21名。

  While preparing for the Dominica game this week, he defeated Colin Morikawa in an 18-hole competition. At the same time, he has greatly increased his self-confidence because he entered the top ten three times in the last four races of the LOCALiQ series. The LOCALiQ series is a three-level tour organized by the PGA Tour in the United States after the cancellation of the Canadian Tour, the Latin American Tour and the PGA Tour China.

在准备本周多米尼克比赛时,他在18洞比赛中击败了森川(Colin Morikawa)。同时,由于他在LOCALiQ系列赛的最后四场比赛中三度进入前十名,因此大大提高了他的自信心。 LOCALiQ系列赛事是三级巡回赛,由加拿大巡回赛在加拿大巡回赛,拉丁美洲巡回赛和美国巡回赛中国取消后组织。

   Justin Xu must be in good shape at a good time. He said that entering the weekend in this position is significant, especially considering what he has experienced in the past 12 months.


   He only recently returned to accept the guidance of college coach Chris Zambri. Their efforts are comparable to that of Justin Xu when he won eight college league games at USC.

他直到最近才回来接受大学教练Chris Zambri的指导。他们的努力可与贾斯汀·许(Justin Xu)在南加州大学赢得八场大学联赛比赛时相媲美。

"I have worked a lot, especially under the guidance of Chris Zambri. We did a lot of college work and got back to the basics," Justin Xu said. "It means a lot, because the results are showing. When When the hard work is shown on the court, it is really satisfying."

贾斯汀·许说:“我做了很多工作,尤其是在克里斯·赞布里(Chris Zambri)的指导下。我们亚搏下注软件做了很多大学工作,并且回到了基础知识上。” “这很重要,因为结果显示出来了。当场上的艰苦努力显示出来时,这真的很令人满意。”

   Another amateur top, the 2019 Walker Cup US team member Alex Smalley (Alex Smalley) tied Justin Xu's 67 on Friday. Duke University student, former Sunnehanna Amateur champion (Sunnehanna Amateur) entered the weekend tied for 15th place.

另一位业余顶级选手是2019年沃克杯美国队成员Alex Smalley(Alex Smalley)周五与Justin Xu的67杆并列。杜克大学学生,前Sunnehanna业余冠军(Sunnehanna Amateur)进入周末并列第15名。

 亚搏下注软件  And the hottest, 2017 Walker Cup US team member Will Zalatoris (Will Zalatoris) shot 70 on Thursday and 71 on Friday, just in the line to advance. Korn Ferry points leader Will Zara Torres tied for sixth at the US Open.

2017年最炙手可热的步行者杯美国队成员威尔·扎拉提利斯(Will Zalatoris)周四投篮命中70杆,周五投篮命中71杆,排在前列。康恩·费里(Korn Ferry)的积分榜首领威尔·扎拉·托雷斯(Will Zara Torres)在美国公开赛上并列第六。

   Alex Smalley's 2019 Walker Cup teammate, 18-year-old Akshay Bhatia (Akshay Bhatia) 142 in two rounds, 2 above par, was eliminated.

亚历克斯·斯迈利(Alex Smalley)的2019年沃克杯队友,两岁以下的两轮比赛中的18岁的阿克沙·巴蒂亚(Akshay Bhatia)142被淘汰。



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