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   Nadal said that he has foreseen that the road to the French Open will be very difficult.


“Paris in autumn is very beautiful, and it’s hard to come here. I still enjoy this game very much. The game can be restarted and many people have put in a lot of effort. I trained for three months and finally stood in the Grand Slam again. Arena."


   This is what Chinese "Golden Flower" Zhang Shuai said after winning the first round of the French Open, but the beautiful autumn in Paris in her eyes has become a nightmare for other players.


   In addition to the empty field, this year's French Open has been postponed from the previous May to the end of September. The changes in temperature have brought challenges to the players.


   On the first match day of the French Open, many players put on long sleeves or even jackets in the low temperature. Some people bluntly said that the match was too cold.


   In addition, the different quality of the ball and the speed of the field also add more variables to the game. The ability to adapt to the new environment in time has become the key to determining performance. The champion Nadal said,


   Dawei wore a vest to play.




   Due to the epidemic, this year's French Open has been postponed by four full months compared with previous years. Therefore, the current French Open has changed from summer to autumn.


   Compared to the past, low temperature has become the first challenge players have to adapt to. After the game officially started, people also obviously had a different perception.


You can see the difference from the costumes of the audience-in the past, people often wore sunglasses and sun hats, but this time, in addition to wearing masks, most of the audience put on warm clothing such as down jackets, and even Also covered with blankets to resist the low temperature.


   And the focus of attention of the players has changed from the usual cooling to how to keep warm——




   Xiaowei pays great attention to cold and warm.


Tim, who just won the U.S. Open, also thinks that low temperature will change the game. "It is very cold at the end of September. I prefer a high temperature game environment, so that the ball will bounce higher and the ball speed will be slower. It is better terms for Jokovic."

刚刚赢得美国公开赛冠军的蒂姆(Tim)也认为低温会改变比赛方式。 “九月底很冷。我更喜欢高温的比赛环境,这样球的弹跳会更高,球的速度会更慢。这对于约科维奇来说是更好的条件。”

   In addition to the low temperature, rain is also a new problem for this French Open. At present, Paris will have more rain than May, and the wet clay court will directly increase the difficulty of the game.


   Azarenka, who was suspended due to rain in the first round, said,


"At the time I also asked the opponent's thoughts. She told me she didn't want to sit on the court like this, so I didn't want to continue wasting time there because it was really cold. And after two hours (drizzle) , The ball will become a little heavier... it will be very tricky to face this situation."

“当时我还问对手的想法。她告诉我,她不想坐在这样的球场上,所以我不想继续浪费时间,因为那真的很冷。两小时后(淋雨) ),球会变得有点重...面对这种情况将非常棘手。”



   British player Evans, who lost to Kei Nishikori in the first round, spread his grievances on the game ball, "You can't control where this kind of ball goes."


   Muguruza also wrapped himself tightly.




   The change in ball quality is not only due to the brand change, wet weather and low temperature will affect the operation of the ball. According to professional research, generally speaking, the ball speed will slow down at low temperatures.


   Azarenka said,


"For our game, the conditions are more extreme than in previous years. This may be the most difficult situation I have experienced in Roland Garros." This is Nadal's personal experience, and the "extreme conditions" he calls are not only Refers to changes in weather conditions and ball quality.


   Under the epidemic situation, the atmosphere of the entire tournament has greatly changed. For contestants, especially players like Nadal who gave up the Cincinnati and US Open, it takes more energy to adapt.




   Zhang Shuai defeated Case and successfully advanced to the second round.


As early as June of this year, Nadal said that he did not like empty games, "Football players may perform well without spectators, but if you ask me if I like closed-door games, my answer is no. Nothing. It can replace the presence of the audience and the energy generated by the audience."


   And after returning to the game, he also bluntly said that "the feeling of playing without the audience is not good", but now he can only accept the reality——


In addition to the empty field, there are many realities that players must accept-for example, they must stay in designated hotels and can only leave during games and training; for example, due to the reduced sunshine time in autumn, players in late games may play after dark This year is also the first time the French Open has introduced lighting.


But in the face of challenges, players can only adjust themselves as much as possible. As the Slovak female player Schmidlova said, “In a tennis match, there will never be a smooth sailing event. I just need to accept this fact and do my best. do the best."


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