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With the official announcement of the Chinese Basketball Association's official withdrawal from Bayi, Bayi, the iron army who once ruled the Chinese basketball world, is now determined to bid farewell to CBA.


This farewell was very thorough. During the period when the qualifications were pending, the Bayi team has always been domestic in the future.


In this atmosphere, the CBA officials could only retain their schedule and qualifications when Bayi did not complete the registration. As a result, in the first round against Beijing Shougang, the league had an unprecedented abstention in the years since its establishment. Beijing Shougang won 20-0 without a fight and all the points went to Li Muhao.


For the CBA, Bayi’s identity makes this embarrassment inevitable, while for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, which is subordinate to the Bayi team, such inexplicable results are intolerable. According to the source, the Bayi team and the People's Liberation Army have actually made the final decision before the match against the Beijing team. Bayi’s departure cannot be changed.


There are too many questions about the departure of Bayi, but at the moment, the most important issue is the ownership of the Bayi players.


In fact, as early as the end of last season, many teams in the CBA League were already eyeing the upcoming "August One Supermarket", including Zou Yuchen, Fu Hao, Lei Meng, Xu Zhonghao, Arslan and even Guo Haowen. "Core assets" have long been on the team's roster. Many news said,


From the perspective of the CBA League, this operation has a certain positive significance.


It is reported that the future of Bayi players is mainly due to their "soldier" status-which is different from the perception of fans under normal circumstances.


In the future, whether the Bayi team members can successfully enter the professional league as "players" is still unclear. In fact, Bayi’s withdrawal is not a matter of the basketball team. In recent years, the decoupling of the army from the sports teams under its jurisdiction has been progressing in an orderly manner. However, compared with other projects, basketball is the most professionally-professed project and it involves all aspects. Obviously it is relatively more complicated, so it will require more processing time.



Yuan Xinyue of the August 1 Women's Volleyball Team has news that he will switch to Beijing or Tianjin


From a macro perspective, there is no institutional ban on Bayi players returning to the game. When Bayi football team was disbanded in 2003, many former Bayi players joined other teams. In the history of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team, many players including Yu Junkai, Wang Sheng, Zhang Tao, etc. have also left Bayi to join his team. Before the start of this season, the veteran who had previously played for Jiangsu and Bayi



In the first round, Han Shuo scored 9 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.


From the market point of view, the current CBA teams also have demand for the talents of the Bayi team. According to the transfer situation of the teams this summer and the amount of contract renewal, there are 2-4 players from Bayi team that have the strength to be selected for the national training team. If you maintain the status in the future, it will not be difficult to win other teams' C or D contracts. Even if Bayi players cannot return to the court this year, the future will still become the focus of the CBA player market.


In short, no matter what the future of Bayi is, we would like to bless the players and coaches of Bayi team. After all, they are all people who have made contributions to Chinese basketball, just as CCTV Sports News said on October 18


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