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From October 14th to 17th, Beijing time, the 2020 Sina Cup Professional Amateur Match Play hosted by Sina Golf will be held in Beijing Evergrande Ligong Sports Park. Liang Wenchong and Feng Shanshan will lead the top male and female professional and amateur players in China. Team competition, this is also a brand new attempt in the domestic golf competition system.


   2020 Sina Cup Professional Amateur Match Play is an inter-team match play, divided into two teams, each team is composed of a captain, two deputy captains and 13 official players. It is worth mentioning that the two captains are Feng Shanshan, the former No. 1 in the world and No. 1 of the Chinese Golf Grand Slam, and Liang Wenchong, the captain of the national men's team, European Tour and Japanese Tour champion!


Team Liang Wenchong is composed of 6 top domestic male professional players and 7 top female amateur players. Feng Shanshan Team is composed of 6 top domestic female professional players and 7 top male amateur players. The two sides will compete in 24 match-play matches within two days. : On October 16th, there will be 6 groups of four-ball matches in the morning and 6 groups of four-ball matches in the afternoon. On the morning of October 17th, there will be 12 groups of individual matches.

梁文冲队由6名国内顶级男职业球员和7名顶级女业余球员组成。冯珊珊队由6名国内顶级女职业球员和7名顶级男业余球员组成。双方将在两天内参加24场比赛。 :10月16日,上午将进行6组四球比赛,下午将进行6组四球比赛。 10月17日上午,将有12组个人比赛。

As for the men’s players, Liu Yanwei and Zhang Huilin, who are among the top in the men’s China Tour money list, professional players such as Chao Haimeng, the owner of the men’s China Tour, and Xiao Bowen, as well as top amateur players such as Wu Zhuan, Yu Yanhao, and Chen Peicheng, are participating. In the list of female players, Yin Ruoning, the record-breaker of three consecutive golf-to-pros, women's Central Tour champions Zhang Weiwei, Du Mohan, Liu Yan and other professional golfers, and the strongest female amateur players such as Yin Xiaowen, Fan Shuangshuang and Cao Yijing All will participate.


   After the waves are new-the average age of the 14 amateur players participating in this game is under 18 years old, but they have already won numerous youth and amateur events at home and abroad, and have even emerged in the professional arena. Whether amateur teenagers can overturn professional players in the game will be a major highlight of the game.


In addition to the participating players, the captains and deputy captains of the two teams also play a vital role in this game: they are not only responsible for formulating the matchup plan for each round, but also can provide support for their own team players in the game. , Including playing strategy, club selection, etc.

除了参赛选手外,两队的队长和副队长在这场比赛中也起着至关重要的作用:他们不仅负责制定每一轮的比赛计划,而且还可以为自己的队友提供支持。游戏。 ,包括比赛策略,俱乐部选择等。

As the leaders of Chinese golf, the players Liang Wenchong and Feng Shanshan have experienced many battles and rich experience. Both of them are trying their new identity as captains for the first time. They will share their skills, tactics and psychological experience with the young professional players and Amateur players.


  The deputy captain of the Liang Wenchong team is the male professional player Gu Cuilin and the female professional player Wang Xinying; the deputy captain of the Feng Shanshan team is the female professional player Li Jiayun, and the famous professional coach Michael Dicky亚搏游戏网页版.


   popular niche and actor Zhang Zhehan will also participate in the match. Zhang Zhehan is a golf enthusiast, he just hit a hole in one a few days ago. Even more amazing is that the witness in the same group is Liang Wenchong!




   This is the first high-level professional event hosted by Beijing Evergrande Palace Sports Park. This high-end and high-quality stadium will also unveil its mystery.


   In order to facilitate the fans to watch the game, the game will be broadcast live on Sina Golf, Weibo, Sina News APP, Women's China Tour official website and other platforms. The live broadcast time is:


   October 16th 10:00-13:00 Foursome four-ball match


   14:30-17:30, October 16th, four people two ball game


   October 17th 09:30-14:30 Individual match


  Chinese commentary: Ai Ke, Zhang Meng


   The 2020 Sina Cup Professional Amateur Match Play is hosted by Sina Golf, co-organized by the Beijing Golf Association, and co-organized by the Women's China Tour. The men's China Tour is the support unit and the chief partner media is Sina News.


  The event also received the support of the following sponsors: top sponsor BMW Motorcycle, official sponsor, Callaway Golf, callisto, HONMA.




Liang Wenchong

l Ian Gwen冲

Team leader: Liang Wenchong


Deputy team leaders: Gu Cuilin and Wang Xinying


Team members: Liu Yanwei, Zhang Huilin, Xiao Bowen, Chao Haimeng, villa leader, fan Shiyu, Cao Yijing (amateur), Lu Yuwen (amateur), Li Jieni (amateur), Deng Jingfan (amateur), Lu Jingwen (amateur), Yin Xiaowen (amateur), fan shuangshuangshuang (amateur)

Team members: Liu Yanwei, Zhang Huilin, Xiao Bowen, Chao Haimeng, villa leader, fan Shiyu, Cao Yijing (amateur), Lu Yuwen (amateur), Li Jieni (amateur), Deng Jingfan (amateur), Lu Jingwen (amateur), Yin Xiaowen (amateur), fan shuangshuangshuang (amateur)

Feng Shanshan


Team leader亚搏下注软件: Feng Shanshan

team leader: F鞥S韩善

   Deputy Captain: Li Jiayun, Michael Dicky

   deputy captain: l IJ IA云, Michael DIC可以



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