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亚搏下注软件-浓眉哥34分詹姆斯准三双 湖人开门红1-0热火
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亚搏下注软件-浓眉哥34分詹姆斯准三双 湖人开门红1-0热火


   On October 1, Beijing time, the NBA Finals kicked off. The Lakers won the game and beat the Heat 116-98.


Anthony Davis scored 34 points and 9 rebounds, LeBron James almost triple-double, contributed 25 points, 13 and 9 assists, Caldwell Pope 13 points, Danny Green 11 Minute.


   Heat 0-1 behind. Jimmy Butler had 23 points and 5 assists, Jay Crowder had 12 points, and Bam Adebayor left early due to injury, scoring only 8 points. Kendrick Nunn came off the bench with 18 points and Taylor Hiro 14 points.

热火0-1落后。吉米·巴特勒(Jimmy Butler)得到23分和5次助攻,杰伊·克劳德(Jay Crowder)得到12分,而班姆·阿德巴约因受伤提前离开,仅得到8分。肯德里克·纳恩(Kendrick Nunn)替补出场,得到18分,泰勒·希罗(Taylor Hiro)获得14分。

   This is the first time the two teams have met in the finals, and it is also the first time the NBA has held the finals in October.


   For James, his opponent is no stranger. In 2013, James was still a member of the Heat, he led the team with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh for second consecutive championships. After leaving the Heat, James won the Cavaliers again, and then came to the Lakers.

对于詹姆斯来说,他的对手并不陌生。 2013年,亚搏游戏网页版詹姆斯仍然是热火队的一员,他与德怀恩·韦德(Dwyane Wade)和克里斯·波什(Chris Bosh)一起带领球队夺得了连续第二个冠军。离开热火后,詹姆斯再次赢得了骑士,然后来到了湖人队。

   led three teams to the finals, James was the first. The Lakers have been in a downturn since they won the championship in 2010, and the arrival of James has given them a new lease of life.


   The Heat was not easy to deal with. They defeated the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. The president of the team, Pat Riley, is also an evergreen tree. Since 1972, he or his team has reached the finals every 10 years.

热火不容易应对。他们在东部亚搏游戏网页版决赛中击败了凯尔特人队。团队主席Pat Riley也是一棵常青树。自1972年以来,亚搏游戏网页版他或他的团队每10年进入一次决赛。

   This is the finals, no one dare to care. After the opening three rounds, both teams defended closely, and neither team made a shot. The Heat took the lead in firing on the outside, they blossomed more, and after half of the first quarter, they got a double-digit advantage with 23-10.


   The Lakers repeatedly called timeouts, adjusted the lineup, replaced Howard, used Davis as the center, and started a small lineup. This move achieved immediate results. They kept on defending the Heat's offense, and Pope hit consecutive three-pointers. The Lakers ended the section with a wave of 21-5 and exceeded it 31-28.


   The Lakers are very accurate on the outside line. In the middle of the second quarter, Davis, Green and Morris succeeded on the outside line. After a wave of 13-0, they gained a double-digit advantage 54-43.


   The Heat's hit rate dropped, especially when the outside line was suppressed. They have a chance to control the last attack of the quarter, but Butler sprained his left ankle when he dribbled through. The Lakers steal and Davis dunks.


   Butler failed to return to defense and went to the locker room to check in advance. Davis also had some discomfort with his feet and went back to the locker room as well. The Lakers ended the first half 65-48.


   The Lakers shot 56.4% in the first half, and the three-pointer was even more exaggerated. He made 11 of 17 shots and hit 64.7%. Davis scored 18 points, Pope 10 points, James 9 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. In addition to Howard, all nine players on the field scored.


   The Heat shot 43.2% and made 7 of 16 three-pointers. Butler scored 16 points and Claude scored 9 points.


   Butler and Davis were all right, and Howard was back on the court when he started the third quarter. The Lakers maintained a fiery touch, and even Howard sent wonderful assists. The Lakers started the quarter 15-6 and gained an advantage 82-54. The Heat called two timeouts in less than 2 minutes.


   The gap between the two sides soon reached 30 points. The heat worsened, Adebayor injured his finger and left the field, and Dragic did not play in this quarter. The Heat scored only 19 points in a single quarter and are still at a disadvantage 67-93 after three quarters.


   The Heat narrowed the gap several times in the fourth quarter. With 3 minutes and 31 seconds left in the game, Hill made a layup. They only trailed 96-109. The Lakers dare not care, James and Davis are still on the court, James made two consecutive layups to seal the victory for the Lakers.




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